The Bachelor of Arts program offers a broad education in the humanities and social sciences, fostering critical thinking and communication skills. This degree prepares students for diverse career paths in fields such as education, media, and public service.


The Bachelor of Commerce program provides a solid foundation in business principles, accounting, and finance. Graduates are well-equipped for careers in business, finance, management, and entrepreneurship.


The Bachelor of Science degree offers rigorous training in various scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and physics. This program prepares students for careers in research, healthcare, technology, and environmental science.


The Bachelor of Computer Applications program focuses on computer science and IT, teaching programming, software development, and database management. Graduates are ready for careers in software development, IT consulting, and system analysis.


The Bachelor of Education program prepares students for a career in teaching, covering educational theories, pedagogy, and classroom management. Graduates are equipped to become effective educators in primary and secondary schools.


The integrated BA B.ED program combines a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Education, providing a comprehensive education in both content and pedagogy. This dual degree prepares students for teaching careers with a strong foundation in the arts and educational methods.


The Master of Arts program offers advanced study in the humanities and social sciences, enabling students to specialize in their chosen fields. Graduates are prepared for academic, research, and professional careers that require in-depth knowledge and analytical skills.


The Master of Commerce program provides advanced knowledge in business, accounting, finance, and economics. This degree prepares graduates for leadership roles in business, finance, academia, and government sectors.